by Dewey Dell

with Sara Angelini, Agata Castellucci, Teodora Castellucci

choreography Teodora Castellucci

original music Demetrio Castellucci

set and light design Eugenio Resta

set realization Rinaldo Rinaldi

prothesis Istvan Zimmermann e Giovanna Amoroso, Chiara Bocchini

sound Marco Canali

production Dewey Dell

co-production Centrale Fies, Romaeuropa Festival, Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, Uovo Performing Arts Festival

with the support of NEXT/Regione Lombardia and Programma Cultura della Commissione Europea progetto Focus on Art and Science in the Performing Arts

duration 45′



Furious Fifties, Roaring Forties, Shrieking Sixties are proper names of three groups of winds that blow over the seas of the Antarctic. Our work springs from a reflection on the ship and its inhabitants. There’s no difference between the sailor and his own ship. From the very moment when the ship leaves the harbor a new, single, floating body is born. This new being, tied indissolubly to the water and the wind, becomes an enormous organism whose borders are blurring. The noise of screeching ropes, the creaking of soaked wood, the sound of embarked objects that answer to the ship rolling on the waves, melt into sailors voices and merge with orders screamed by the captain. An obscure jumble becomes the general breath: the sound of a world where the man, the wind, the ship and the sea, inextricably combined together, form the only conceivable protagonist.

Disegno di Clio Casadei