Deriva Traversa


by Dewey Dell

choreography, with: Teodora Castellucci

choral composition, voices: Adam Sherry e Sam Sherry / A Dead Forest Index

sound: Demetrio Castellucci

assistant to choreography: Agata Castellucci

dramaturgy: Vito Matera

costume: Guoda Jaruseviciute

production: Societas 

with the support of: progetto MUSE/ compagnia B

in collaboration with: Festival Danza Urbana e Festival Città delle Cento Scale

duration 25′ 


The solitude of the shepherds is a constituent aspect of their work. Solitude allows a profound immersion into the self, a delicate movement away from the visible. Sounds become absorbed into the silence, thoughts swell freely inside the mind. The animals being guarded are the only possibility to abstract yourself, to address your attention to.

When shepherds sing they use the wind, the bleating of the sheep or the bellow of the cow to tune themselves. The Sardinian Cantu a Tenores - believed to be created by shepherds during the Nuragic age - has been imitating these very elements. Through singing poetry, the shepherds pass down history orally, generation after generation. 

The resurgence of time though, does not forget the actual reality, it just moves away from the visible world again.

The story that the shepherds sing could be interpreted as an attempt to decipher the invisible, possible only through a descent into the self, a geography of the supernatural.



5-6/09/17 Bologna – Danza Urbana – premiere

12/09/17 Matera –  Festival Città delle 100 Scale

24/11/17 Cesena – Osservatorio Màntica

8/05/19 Modena – Festival Periferico

19/06/19 Polverigi – Inteatro festival

28/07/19 Nora – La Notte dei Poeti

30/07/19 Finale Ligure – {Te}che festival

07/09/19 Ravenna – Festival Ammutinamenti

12/09/19 Tbilisi (GE) – Circe Platform

19-20/09/19 Lipsia (D) – Schaubühne Lindenfels

21/11/19 Cagliari – FIND festival

19/11/20 Torino – Interplay 2020 / DIFFUSO

04/06/22 Forlì – Ipercorpo festival

06/05/22 Roma – Mattatoio

14/07/23 Bolzano – Bolzano Danza festival

9-10/09/23 Ferrara – Interno Verde Danza

28-29/09/23 Canterbury (UK) – Gulbenkian Arts Centre