Since 2011 Dewey Dell has created different forms of live concerts in which music and movements become one single element.




Storm Atlas is a live concert that aims to transliterate the meteorological transfiguration of the sky into a language composed of sound, movements and lights. In this process different kind of storms are evoked, invoked or studied in order to create audiovisual embodiments of their spirit.


In collaboration with Black Fanfare/Demetrio Castellucci and Massimo Pupillo



Dewey Dell and Massimo Pupillo open to the audience the research of sound and movements arisen from their collaboration for the creation of the show Sleep Technique - A response to Chauvet Post d’Arc Cave (2017).

Trasmissione verticale is a cascade of sounds and movements, that originate blurry images, shapes of animals and haloes of light. During the live set the audience is free to enter and exit freely.


In 2014 Dewey Dell and Black Fanfare presented a live concert in which the choreography of the musicians’ movements and the actions required to play the instruments are one. The sound is produced by the choreography and viceversa. This live set aims to find the original inseparable source of music and dance as one single element.

TUONO – 2012

In Tuono (Italian word for thunder) the movements arise within the songs like voices. All characters are silhouettes and appear like a negative film. Images of few instants attempt to materialise what the sound evokes.

Nel 2012 Dewey Dell e Black Fanfare rilasciano il primo EP:


This live set has been the first musical experimentation by Dewey Dell & Black Fanfare. The musicians are completely covered with multiple layers of wool clothes and their movements is both sensual and sharp like the different atmospheres arising from the sound.


More and more, in the growing vortex of sound, the performers manifest a primitive and religious devotion towards their fetish: the wool.