by Dewey Dell

with Eugenio Resta, Teodora Castellucci, Agata Castellucci

choreography and costumes: Teodora Castellucci Teodora Castellucci

original music, lights: Demetrio Castellucci

set and light design: Eugenio Resta

technical assistance: Tiziano Ruggia

plastic arts: Plastikart

realization of costumes: Daniela Fabbri, Carmen Castellucci, il Pattino

set realization: Rinaldo Rinaldi

production: Dewey Dell / Fies Factory One

co-production: Centrale Fies, Festival de Marseille, Uovo performing arts festival

in collaboration with: AMAT, Operaestate Festival Veneto, Teatro Petrella di Longiano

duration 25′


The title contains the mark of the performance. The onomatopoeic sound of the jingle of a drop reveals a kingly figure embodied by the four letters of the English word “King”. 

At the beginning he’s just a sketch: he’s the missing head of an incomplete fetus. Then the howl of a submarine diving suit shows the enormous and cruelly beautiful head, a skull which traces the shadow of royal families. The sense of the Sublime awakens. 

Virility, deprivation, deformation and impassivness are its manifestations: they simbolyze the feelings of Achab in front of the white whale and they are embodied by the monstrousness of a small misshapen prince. 

The moment of deviation is the following situation, the imperceptible splitting of the “i" of “Kin” into the equivalent sound of two twin and separate "e”. Two female figures, covered with a shiny and styliform hair, mark the perimeter of the rose window on the floor with circular and energetic movements, moving with jumps in a wild dance. It’s the moment of the absence: Richard the Lionheart departs from the kingdom, nightmares and arcane spells take possession of it. (Adele Cacciagrano) 


21/05/08 Milan – Uovo performing arts festival – premiere

12/07/08 Marseille – Festival de Marseille

01-02/08/08 Dro – drodesera FIES

29/08/08 Bassano del Grappa – b-motion OperaEstate

24/05/09 Roma – Teatro Valle

12-13/10/09 Modena – VIE scena contemporanea festival

17/11/09 Pontedera – Teatro Era

24/04/10 Roma – Teatro Palladium

11/12/10 Ferrara – Art Fall10

Drawing by Davide Savorani