concept: Dewey Dell 

assistant director: Kuro Tanino

costume designer: Yuichi Yokoyama

with: Agata Castellucci, Teodora Castellucci, Eugenio Resta, Enrico Ticconi

choreography: Teodora Castellucci

original music: Demetrio Castellucci

light and set design: Eugenio Resta

voices: Minako Matsuishi, Kuro Tanino

costume realization: Fly-Inflate, Giovanna Amoroso e Istvan Zimmermann/Plastikart, Atelier Pietro Longhi

set realization: Fly-Inflate, Vito Matera

production: Dewey Dell

coproduction: steirischer herbst / Graz, BUDA Kunstencentrum / Kortrijk for NEXT International Festival, Centrale Fies / Dro

with the support of Tanzfabrik Berlin and University of Zagreb – Student Centre Zagreb – Culture of Change (within APAP – Advancing Performing Arts Projects)

thanks to Schaubühne Lindenfels / Leipzig

Dewey Dell is supported by APAP – Advancing Performing Arts Projects

duration 50′

Since ancient times March has always been the month of the war; the Winter fades away and the blooming of the Spring sets time to return to the battlefield.

On a distant planet lies the remains of an impact crater. Its walls have eroded and its whiteness doesn't allow you understand its dimensions. Within it, some people, seen as if microbes under the searching eye of a microscope, live a drama which seems to contain all the hostility held within the crater. A hostility that happened billions of years earlier. From the planet Earth we see them, and the space which runs between us is so vast it dilates time. Thus, we can't define a date, a geological age. If they look at us they would see only dinosaurs on an Earth from the past.

Alone, as Galileo saw the planets moving for the first time, we look at these people and find familiarity; we can see them as ancient progenitors. Inside the crater March has arrived. There exists an ambiguous and disorientating force that, in the most absolute way, contains within itself the spectrum of human emotion.



26-27-28/09/13 Graz (Austria) – Steirischer Herbst festival – premiere

16-17/11/13 Kortrijk (Belgio) – NEXT festival

16/01/14 Salisburgo (Austria) – PNEU, Performing New EUrope / Szene Salzburg

01/02/14 Marsiglia (Francia) – Festival Parallèle

26/04/14 Lipsia (Germania) – Schaubühne Lindenfels

28-29/04/14 Berlino (Germania) – Tanzfabrik

28/06/14 Venezia – BIENNALE DANZA 14 / La Biennale di Venezia – prima italiana

31/07/14 Dro – Centrale Fies, Drodesera festival SkillBuilding

01/08/14 Dro – Centrale Fies, Drodesera festival SkillBuilding

4/09/14 Roma – Short Theatre

10-11-12-13-14-15/10/14 Melbourne (Australia) – Arts House / Melbourne festival

20-21/10/14 Bergen (Norvegia) – BIT Teatergarasjen

16/11/14 Potenza – Festival Città delle 100 Scale

31/01/15 Udine – CSS Teatro Stabile FVG

1/02/15 Arezzo – Invito di Sosta

16/05/15 Erlangen (Germania) – International Figurentheater festival

17/05/15 Norimberga (Germania) – International Figurentheater festival

6/08/15 Berlino (Germania) – A L’ARME festival

1/10/15 San Pietroburgo (Russia) – CrossArt / Erarta Stage

14-15/01/16 Ginevra (Svizzera) – Théâtre de l’Usine

11/03/16 Vicenza – Teatro Astra – La Piccionaia,

9-10/04/16 Bologna – Ateliersi

27/05/16 Forlì – Ipercorpo festival – Città di Ebla

29/07/16 Gibellina – Festival Orestiadi XXXV edition

24-25-26-27-28/01/17 Londra – London International Mime Festival

18-19/03/17 Cesena – Puerilia, Teatro Comandini

22/04/17 Brescia – Teatro Grande