I’ll do, I’ll do, I’ll do

by Dewey Dell

choreography, with: Teodora Castellucci

assistant to choreography, producer: Agata Castellucci

original music: Demetrio Castellucci

light design, technical direction: Vito Matera

production: Dewey Dell

duration: 25’

Behind the image of the satanic, anthropophagic, magical and violent sabbath, it is possible to glimpse the distorted echo of an ecstatic cult dominated by a mysterious night goddess connected to a ceremony for the fertility of the soil. If possession is often considered as the visitation of a divine entity among human beings, ecstasy on the contrary is a journey of celestial ascension or infernal descent of the human soul out of the body.

From this concept of a body "in spirit," comes the idea of a choreography that weaves the threads of an imagined Sabbath.

ph: John Nguyen / Luca Del Pia